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If the customer is ever wrong…

…they are no longer your customer. We all know the rule.  It’s a business cliche: Rule 1.  The customer is always right.  Rule 2.  If the customer is ever wrong, re-read rule 1. But what if the customer is a … Continued

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Is Your Spa in Demand?

You’re ready to open up your spa business because you have the supply.  You have the facility, equipment, and staff to offer an exceptional spa experience. But just because you can supply the spa doesn’t necessarily mean there is a … Continued

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Battling the Nocebo

Clients come into your spa everyday, and they’re stressed out. They have migraine headaches.  Hypertension.  Digestive disorders.  Back pain. Just what causes all these conditions, and what about spa treatments alleviates them? Seth Godin asks us to consider the nocebo. … Continued

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9 Questions Your Spa Website Must Answer

Here are 9 questions prospective clients will have that your spa website content must answer almost immediately.  Where are you?  Your location should be visible at all times.  Put it in your header, footer, and sidebar.  If someone asks “where … Continued

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Reacting to Marketing Data

Here is the data: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.  Texting is the most dangerous form of distracted driving. But does it feel that way?  Would … Continued

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The Story of Your Spa

It’s safe to say that we’re at least 50 years past the days of being able to say:  “We run a spa” and expect people to show up just because you’re there. Today, it’s even likely that “hurry in and … Continued

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Focus on Customer Loyalty for Your Spa

What’s the goal of your spa marketing and business growth?  Customer satisfaction, or customer loyalty? There is an odd number of businesses who tout their customer satisfaction numbers.  As if satisfaction was the highest goal they could attain. In fact, … Continued

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Tell Leads Why Your Spa is More Expensive

With online marketing, offering price discounts is seen as almost obligatory.  There is a myth that online shoppers won’t buy unless it’s a money saving deal. And there are a lot of discount shoppers online, but that doesn’t mean they … Continued

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It’s Why You Own a Spa

What does you spa do better than any other spa in the area? What do you enjoy most about helping people relax and improve their health? What makes you jump out of bed, ready to go to work at your … Continued

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